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22 April 1993
jordan. .kapowi/amoretti. most places. eighteen. mostly happy. obsessive. talks a lot.
is a lover, not a hater. girly. usually kind. short. has the tendency to 'rant'. sometimes hypocritical. often slow on the uptake. self concious, yet still confident on the outside. journalist, pr and fashion business wannabe.

kevin flamme. supernatural, gossip girl, media studies, france, music, fashion, pretty
stock, graphics, roleplaying, eastenders, girls of the playboy mansion, E! news, jensen ackles, skins, make up, hair, eyelash curlers, facebook, paris, editorials, clothes, shopping, perfume, flowers, presents, money, shoes, lost, moonlight, the oc, boys, fairytales, taking pictures, smiling, having a laugh, diet coke, chewing gum, talking, ranting, backhanded comments, losing weight,
male models, perfection, pink, victoria's secret, bellazon, oranges, perez hilton, being on a diet and lots more.

anything to do with inscects, fatty food, bad hair days, being ill, maths, anything she
can't do, bad breath, losing, emo-ness, paris hilton's british best friend, backstabbers, kevin flamme bashers, party poopers and
general annoying behaviour.

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